About The Author

As a born intuitive I have always been drawn to people, at first I was in pursuit of understanding. Now years later, I wish to use this knowledge to help provoke deeper thought in others.

I have devoted my life to the metaphysical, seeing through the mazes of the inner as well as the outer. Always finding the roots for beauty and innocence that lie in the details. Although it did also lead me to the realization of the many injustices which surrounds our societies.

I sadly possess the heart of a mother, meaning I genuinely care about people. For someone like me to ignore so many who I could help, is unbearable. We have all been lost once but not everyone finds their way, and it is far to easy to just choose to follow a path set by others. I believe people will grow to be their better selves if only given the right inspiration.

I thank you & I hope you enjoy my work.

Much love,

χLaila Leone


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