Act of Reality

Every person goes through so many different versions in a lifetime.
Racing toward new stages, slowly changing the way we perceive ourselves through public eyes.

A masked jury; all playing roles in each other’s tragedies.
Merciful are the critics; ruthless are the devoted, and persuasive is the judge.

Avid, the scene always set for the act that has yet to begin.
Often we become immersed in the drama and surrender to the audience.
We memorize yesterdays lines and appear disappointed with our character.But never the less, it is our story.
Our frustration and chaos that will one day push the limits of confusion, and bring restless minds to clarity. For every thousand unanswered question, there are more than two thousand possible answers.

Acceptance of the uncertain, it is the key to living.
To be conscious enough to narrate, and unconscious enough to enjoy the show.

χLaila Leone



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