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Man will always adapt to the times, and more importantly, he will develop the skills to survive accordingly. In this current day, the average person lacks many things that enable him to function in a world without the instant gratification that came along with technology.

We are spoiled in that sense, but being spoiled was never an issue in a time when that was not considered the norm. Odd, that with social media giving us a way to connect on a global level the only news that seems to stick is terrible news. Comforting the corrupt and discouraging the innocent. Raised thinking that a man is evil.

To strike fear like a match it will surely burn, but not long after it will surely die. That is if left alone, but when directly placed into the box it ignites the others surrounding it.

Society has found a way to construct barriers on a large scale, as to trap people from a distance. Leaving the idea of escaping seem impossible, especially those who have been intrapped since childhood. The changes were not by individual choice, but accepting this injustice is. It is a choice for those who know better. Those who are aware, standing as the only hope to the youth that was born too late to know of another way. The aware who are silent are equally guilty. For sadly their silence is a great benefit to the unjust. Choose to save those who need saving, as well as those who have yet to come.


– Laila Leone



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