To look at life through another’s eyes is a gift, it is the virtue of empathy that shapes the very outline for the emotions we have yet to feel. We all have the capacity of experiencing aspects of life through others.

I’ve noticed that those who show little to no empathy, are often those who receive it the most and they seem to be the cause of most stress (drama) in the lives of the people close to them. Whereas people who give empathy when suitable but rarely or never receive it, seem to be those who pick “Romantic Drama” as their favorite genre. Desperate to feel, they settle for the passion that lingers in stories and the taste of possibility that lingers in every asshole who eventually breaks their hearts.

It seems unfair that people can’t know the intention of another until getting close to them first… By then it is too late, some people have a talent for making people fall for them fast. Keeping an emphasis on the word “fall” because that is usually their intention.

Empathy. Whether we are aware of it or not we desire to receive it and all desire it to be given. It is a pillar that supports all good in the world. For without empathy there would be no motivation for the intention to help our fellow men.

– Laila Leone


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