If it is the actuality that forms fact, then all realities breathe truth — breath which may spark storm or breeze. As winds shift and tides turn we do not seek shelter from the rain in water, though it is in the water we may find salvation.

It is by a simple inhale that man draws his first taste of what is to be. Making the essence of our very nature as insignificant as a gasp of air. If men breathe air, why fear the typhoon? If a man sweats his ocean, then why worry the storm?

To think truth could taste bitter is as absurd as the idea that it is through law that we are bound. The “Law of Gravity,” is an idea formed by a creative mind and titled “Law” by oppressive hearts.

There is a reason why we would assume there is some force weighing down the world. We choose to forget that our natural eye level was never set to the horizon.

It is on our backs where death and life meet. If our reality is set to one direction. Would not evolution have moved our eyes closer to the bottom of our feet?

If instead, we choose to acknowledge that our natural eye level is in fact where we now consider “up.” Then we would be as the rest of the universe; living in anti-gravity. The feeling of weight will fade, and the view of our continually changing surroundings creates the illusion that it is we who are floating around. To be free of pressure.

Only feeling the emotions and pressures of your free choice. We can choose to focus on a distraction. Never must we forget that distraction is a great weapon. Deadly to the free spirit.

Acceptance of others ideas and distractions as reality, makes a life sentenced to discomfort.

– Laila Leone




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