The Prison Man Carries

Photo by Donald Tong on

To imprison one’s self is unjust. It is to ourselves which we show the least mercy. We condemn generations to be the product of cruelty.

If inmate births inmate; incarcerated blood will flow. Heavy, it sinks.

With time, those who know no other reality mistake confinement for freedom and cells for homes. Accepting life as a punishment instead of a blessing. How very human of us, to allow populations to be plagued by such ignorance.

To see reason in the unreasonable. We made Earth our Alcatraz. We have forgotten the real face of freedom.

We take pride in being a superior species, top of the food chain. This belief makes our constant belittling of all other species completely understandable. We have become oblivious to the fact that in our vanity and ignorance we have made a crucial mistake in our own self-knowledge.

For the food chain that was passed down through iron bars, was handed to us upside down. Placing humans at the bottom, equivalent to what we would consider self-reproducing bacteria.

Not only due to rank, but also in the importance to the survival of the Earth..

– Laila Leone


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