Question Everything

Word From The Wise

Be aware of your whole self. Give a voice to the parts of you that want things the rest of your brain wouldn’t.

χLaila Leone


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“That Life spent in search makes death your only true find … Seeing more then one should, may one day make you envy the blind.” – from If Wisdom Were A Man
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“No matter the age when your child feels as vulnerable as a newborn, she cries in a language only you can translate. The key is just to listen with the intention of understanding.” from Mother Nurture

The Intuitive-Thinkers Guild

In a world where we no longer seek answers but instantly find them in the palm of our hands; a generation spirals.

Short of wisdom, logic, common sense, and curiosity. Attributes that are developed naturally if raised in an environment with the freedom to wonder, make mistakes, and build a trustworthy intuition.

The world may seem to be losing depth because the majority lay in the shallow. It is not our destiny to follow along with the shore, nor is it our desire to shepherd those who fear the unknown.

Now show them how you swim & leave them to decide when to dive. Remind them through our actions and values.

We are the children of revolution, creativity, and ambition. Filled with infinite potential.

May you always see the truth behind a lie and the intention behind an act. Provoke thought, and inspire others to reach a greater purpose.

χLaila Leone

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