Word From The Wise

Be aware of your whole self. Give a voice to the parts of you that want things the rest of your brain wouldn’t.

χLaila Leone


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“That Life spent in search makes death your only true find … Seeing more then one should, may one day make you envy the blind.” – from If Wisdom Were A Man
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“No matter the age when your child feels as vulnerable as a newborn, she cries in a language only you can translate. The key is just to listen with the intention of understanding.” from Mother Nurture

Self – Refined

We live in an age where misspoken words are scarcely forgiven; since they have filed themselves permanently in our screenshot galleries. Forgiveness comes only after an appropriate degree of forgetfulness.

Reasonably must we re-word the opinions we share.

Once an angel without wings, forced my eyes open to my indiscretion. Vividly she painted a future in which my children stumble onto my casual disregard. More then lifelike, but a warning of the most likely reality.

Mother Nurture

From the beginning,

he cried when he needed you.

Only you could translate the need behind his cry.

The best intentions go well with a quick wit. If a mother seeks knowledge on how to help raise her child, then the teacher is found in the baby’s eyes.

You may wish for daughters & sons who heed your advice. Hopefully, you will be lucky and bare children with a healthy appetite for life.

If Wisdom Were A Man

(First posted on September 14, 2017)

My grandfather used to say, “When praying for yourself, pray that in life you always see only one road in front of you.

As one who has many roads will spend his life lost.

The younger me, so full of adventure and curiosity, used to hear these words and wonder how such I wise man could think that… For all I had ever craved was to run free and explore all that this world has to offer.

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