Mother Nurture

From the beginning,

he cried when he needed you.

Only you could translate the need behind his cry.

The best intentions go well with a quick wit. If a mother seeks knowledge on how to help raise her child, then the teacher is found in the baby’s eyes.

You may wish for daughters & sons who heed your advice. Hopefully, you will be lucky and bare children with a healthy appetite for life.

If fate has gifted you a baby that is too heavy with light, then surely you know who you are.

Upon this discovery, you must directly start trying to accept the fact that from now on that child will have a 3rd parent. Acknowledging your partnership and be honored for only the strongest are picked for this team, and there are but few.

When the time comes, and you have done your part, feel relief and be reassured. They are in the capable hands of life, for now.

.. and from the beginning, she cried when she needed you. Only you can translate the need behind her cry..

This is how we are programmed. No matter the age when your child feels as vulnerable as a newborn, she cries in a language only you can translate. The key is just to listen with the intention of understanding.

& for those who have hearts that can’t bear to see them suffer through: Remember the times you told those white lies, whenever it came time to make trips to the doctor. Meaning, if the only way is for your child to get better is to let life teach her from her mistakes. And your intentions are selfless and pure. Then the kindest most compassionate thing one could do is to help guide her into one of life’s many booby traps. Think of it like this way at least your dropping her off at the hospital instead of just rushing her out the door.

PS: Nurture the things that made you and remember a healthy spirit is both satisfied and ambitious. Don’t forget about you. The hardest thing for a child to witness is the falling of their hero.

χLaila Leone


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