If Wisdom Were A Man

(First posted on September 14, 2017)

My grandfather used to say, “When praying for yourself, pray that in life you always see only one road in front of you.

As one who has many roads will spend his life lost.

The younger me, so full of adventure and curiosity, used to hear these words and wonder how such I wise man could think that… For all I had ever craved was to run free and explore all that this world has to offer.

Now, after many years of finding my way, and getting lost to find my way again. I finally understood. He was once as I am, he spent his whole life wondering. Moving from one road to the next, always searching for a better path.

Now I look back and wish with all my heart that I could go back in time and thank him. For trying to protect us. He never prayed for himself. Grandfather saved his prayers just for us. And when he passed, His last wish for us was that we never have to know the price you pay for driving around the circles in your mind.

That life spent in search makes death your only true find.

& seeing more then one should, may one day make you envy the blind.

χ Laila Leone



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