“To every misunderstood visionary: there will be a thousand people who will doubt you, judge you, and stand against you. Let your skin be as thick as their skulls; for an opinion is just a reflection of character not fact.”

“We all accumulate a dust of truth each day, it is up to us to make a choice. Whether to spit it out, sweep it under our tongue’s, or inhale it into our lungs. As lies spread, soot builds and pollutes all who breathe in second-heard smoke.”  χLaila Leone (Thought Poker, 24.1.19)


Laila’s Logic : Inspire Truth & Provoke Thought

There are infinite ways to decipher the secrets of life. Sometimes it’s not easy to see through the fog. You are not alone. We all should aim to grow our knowledge. Question everything! Use this website to challenge your mind and dare to be different (your future self will thank you). Click the “Follow” button and the bottom of the page to join the mailing list & receive updates on new blog posts! 

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Self – Refined

We live in an age where misspoken words are scarcely forgiven; since they have filed themselves permanently in our screenshot galleries. Forgiveness comes only after an appropriate degree of forgetfulness. Reasonably must we re-word the opinions we share. Once an…

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