Laila’s Logic

Fountain Of Youth

The alliance between imagination and creation is a paragon of beauty.
It is this union that is the very quintessence of life, evolution, and relationships. The threshold of existence: a fuse sparks air into lungs. At our peak, the embodiment of youth and wonderment.

It is no coincidence that at the entrance of life, we are both overflowing with infinite potential, and ultimately unaware of what is and what isn’t. Creation is the strength and imagination is the rest.
Not to be ignored are the benefits attained only when the conscious mind has a chance to be as it once was: free.

Age may birth wisdom, but time exhausts arrogance. That is what devours youth, turns hair white and shortens tempers. Like a whip to the neck, circulation between possibility and reality wanes. Slow and steady wilting from within resulting in the loss of energy, buoyancy and joie de vivre.

Blind – Rendition


‘Tis not determination that motivates blind-ambition.
It is the sense of completeness through the ambitious;
Quick fix for a fractured self.

What separates those who live in bliss,
from those who live in pursuit of it ..
The insomniac’s dream.
Days dressed up as nights; rest without peace.

A resourceful man makes use of his dreams.
Taking pleasure in two worlds where most have but one.
Two sources of happiness whereas the ignorant have none.

χLaila Leone


Following roads paved for us by others is like riding a bike with training wheels through life.. We have surrendered because it is what we know. Comforted by the familiar. We rob ourselves, and those around us of knowing real peace. Condemning new blood to corruption.

Be it tricycle or be it car, always trying to convince us we need better and faster than ourselves. Maybe if we realized the strength in our greatness..

Then one day man would run, without the need of rest. Swim, without the need of air & fly, without a need for passport.

χLaila Leone


To look at life through another’s eyes is a gift, it is the virtue of empathy that shapes the very outline for the emotions we have yet to feel. We all have the capacity of experiencing aspects of life through others.

I’ve noticed that those who show little to no empathy, are often those who receive it the most and they seem to be the cause of most stress (drama) in the lives of the people close to them. Whereas people who give empathy when suitable but rarely or never receive it, seem to be those who pick “Romantic Drama” as their favorite genre. Desperate to feel, they settle for the passion that lingers in stories and the taste of possibility that lingers in every asshole who eventually breaks their hearts.

Act of Reality

Every person goes through so many different versions in a lifetime.
Racing toward new stages, slowly changing the way we perceive ourselves through public eyes.

A masked jury; all playing roles in each other’s tragedies.
Merciful are the critics; ruthless are the devoted, and persuasive is the judge.

Avid, the scene always set for the act that has yet to begin.
Often we become immersed in the drama and surrender to the audience.
We memorize yesterdays lines and appear disappointed with our character.

Addicted to The Fall

Focusing on the ground is what first led man to his downfall. The more time spent on the worthless, the more our concept of value is deluded.

Sparked by obsession evolved an addiction. Where once we stood a line with the rest of the universe, we now spiral. Surrendering control, caused a disconnection between us, and all life around us.

Addiction is a plague, a vicious cycle of hunger and satisfaction. It knows nothing of reason or mercy in the pursuit of a fix.
After so long, man has adapted to imbalance and grown accustomed to the illusion of progress. Forgetting the fall let alone how to stand.


If it is the actuality that forms fact, then all realities breathe truth — breath which may spark storm or breeze. As winds shift and tides turn we do not seek shelter from the rain in water, though it is in the water we may find salvation.

It is by a simple inhale that man draws his first taste of what is to be. Making the essence of our very nature as insignificant as a gasp of air. If men breathe air, why fear the typhoon? If a man sweats his ocean, then why worry the storm?


Man will always adapt to the times, and more importantly, he will develop the skills to survive accordingly. In this current day, the average person lacks many things that enable him to function in a world without the instant gratification that came along with technology.

We are spoiled in that sense, but being spoiled was never an issue in a time when that was not considered the norm. Odd, that with social media giving us a way to connect on a global level the only news that seems to stick is terrible news. Comforting the corrupt and discouraging the innocent. Raised thinking that a man is evil.

The Prison Man Carries

To imprison one’s self is unjust. It is to ourselves which we show the least mercy. We condemn generations to be the product of cruelty.

If inmate births inmate; incarcerated blood will flow. Heavy, it sinks.

With time, those who know no other reality mistake confinement for freedom and cells for homes. Accepting life as a punishment instead of a blessing. How very human of us, to allow populations to be plagued by such ignorance.

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