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Self – Refined

We live in an age where misspoken words are scarcely forgiven; since they have filed themselves permanently in our screenshot galleries. Forgiveness comes only after an appropriate degree of forgetfulness.

Reasonably must we re-word the opinions we share.

Once an angel without wings, forced my eyes open to my indiscretion. Vividly she painted a future in which my children stumble onto my casual disregard. More then lifelike, but a warning of the most likely reality.

Regret is a flower with roots laced in fear, showered in milk white sour petals appear. The sun will make rotten what once it made ripely and rain will feed lands it had once let perish.

A filter requires a dam to restrain the vapid.

Habits like thorns prick thumbs and to each leaves a law; do not say words not worth repeating, and do not type thoughts that are not worth speaking.

Rarely do intentions and actions align.

Who masters patience and virtuous diplomacy will witness greatness in their time, a purpose; truly self-refined.

χLaila Leone

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Blind – Rendition


‘Tis not determination that motivates blind-ambition.
It is the sense of completeness through the ambitious;
Quick fix for a fractured self.

What separates those who live in bliss,
from those who live in pursuit of it ..
The insomniac’s dream.
Days dressed up as nights; rest without peace.

A resourceful man makes use of his dreams.
Taking pleasure in two worlds where most have but one.
Two sources of happiness whereas the ignorant have none.

χLaila Leone





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If only i knew where I am,

I could say where I’ve been.

I’m backward moving forward,

In between winds.


If life has taught me anything,

It is everything.

If all the things my eyes have seen,

All disarranged, worth less than a dream.

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Thought Poker [ 21.2.2019 ]


” We are all living the same life in different scenarios.

She didn’t like tragic novels. She would read them from back to front, said sometimes that was the only way to get a happy ending.

The muted-self is suicidal. Without acknowledgment; misguided and vulnerable it hides in the shadows.

The hopeful will wish upon shooting stars; the egotistic will wish for the fallen to land by their feet.

Pride with no honor is nothing to be proud of. “


– Laila Leone

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