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Self – Refined

We live in an age where misspoken words are scarcely forgiven; since they have filed themselves permanently in our screenshot galleries. Forgiveness comes only after an appropriate degree of forgetfulness.

Reasonably must we re-word the opinions we share.

Once an angel without wings, forced my eyes open to my indiscretion. Vividly she painted a future in which my children stumble onto my casual disregard. More then lifelike, but a warning of the most likely reality.

Regret is a flower with roots laced in fear, showered in milk white sour petals appear. The sun will make rotten what once it made ripely and rain will feed lands it had once let perish.

A filter requires a dam to restrain the vapid.

Habits like thorns prick thumbs and to each leaves a law; do not say words not worth repeating, and do not type thoughts that are not worth speaking.

Rarely do intentions and actions align.

Who masters patience and virtuous diplomacy will witness greatness in their time, a purpose; truly self-refined.

χLaila Leone

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Blind – Rendition


‘Tis not determination that motivates blind-ambition.
It is the sense of completeness through the ambitious;
Quick fix for a fractured self.

What separates those who live in bliss,
from those who live in pursuit of it ..
The insomniac’s dream.
Days dressed up as nights; rest without peace.

A resourceful man makes use of his dreams.
Taking pleasure in two worlds where most have but one.
Two sources of happiness whereas the ignorant have none.

χLaila Leone





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If only i knew where I am,

I could say where I’ve been.

I’m backward moving forward,

In between winds.


If life has taught me anything,

It is everything.

If all the things my eyes have seen,

All disarranged, worth less than a dream.

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Fountain Of Youth


The alliance between imagination and creation is a paragon of beauty.
It is this union that is the very quintessence of life, evolution, and relationships. The threshold of existence: a fuse sparks air into lungs. At our peak, the embodiment of youth and wonderment.

It is no coincidence that at the entrance of life, we are both overflowing with infinite potential, and ultimately unaware of what is and what isn’t. Creation is the strength and imagination is the rest.
Not to be ignored are the benefits attained only when the conscious mind has a chance to be as it once was: free.

Age may birth wisdom, but time exhausts arrogance. That is what devours youth, turns hair white and shortens tempers. Like a whip to the neck, circulation between possibility and reality wanes. Slow and steady wilting from within resulting in the loss of energy, buoyancy and joie de vivre.

Intolerance and impatience leave us dwindling toward an early death. Forgetting that while a soul may grow old with you, the spirit always dies young.

Never were ideas, thoughts and opinions meant to be recycled, especially not between generations. Regardless, this is our world and reality; if it must be, let it be. The best thing we can do is give time to reverie.

Onto planes we board; one at a time, we rush to seats and steady for takeoff. Confident in a stranger with a title – entrusting lives to a “captain” who is quick to hand our fate over to auto-pilot. Trading the logical for convenience.

We are all capable of leaping faith — this time in the universe. With assurance and hope, allow your inner child to take flight. 

Aspire to grow yet never age, to bloom yet never wilt. Gift yourself with youth by sacrificing a few moments, surrender to the abstract. Abandon all beliefs, facts, and knowledge, let the mind recharge and reconnect with its genesis. A fountain of youth; undeveloped and unburdened, imagination springs.

& If by count we measure age, life is but one.

χLaila Leone

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Addicted to The Fall


Focusing on the ground is what first led man to his downfall.
The more time spent on the worthless, the more our concept of value is deluded.

Sparked by obsession evolved an addiction. Where once we stood a line with the rest of the universe, we now spiral. Surrendering control, caused a disconnection between us, and all life around us.

Addiction is a plague, a vicious cycle of hunger and satisfaction. It knows nothing of reason or mercy in the pursuit of a fix.
After so long, man has adapted to imbalance and grown accustomed to the illusion of progress. Forgetting the fall let alone how to stand.

We continuously build bigger and grander platforms to display our incompetence, unknowingly pushing any hope of redemption farther and farther away. We have become slaves to our thoughts, seeking self-worth and admiration from peers who are by no means qualified to rank.

Never satisfied, always reaching for that which we do not possess. Harmful to all in our path, we grow weaker as we give away our precious energy to the development of our poison. We see only through dead or excited eyes.

Products of motion, evolving is in our nature. But it is not a certainty, to grow one must give time and return value. Aline our spine with the Earth, instead of our car seats.
Acknowledge our fall and manifest an intention to stand. Watch as those who continue on the impossible quest for peace fade away from your reality. Send them a silent prayer and bask in a new bliss, in perpetual happiness.


– Laila Leone